Fate of the World games explore climate change

Computer strategy game Fate of the World gives gamers the chance to save a virtual world from climate catastrophe.

Using real climatic models, it gives gamers and environmentalists the chance to test policy ideas on a global scale. Its developers intend the game to be fun and to help increase awareness of the complex nature of fighting global warming.

Players get to set policy initiatives over a 200-year period and watch as the outcomes of their decisions are played out.

The game's developers have used official data collected by international bodies such as the International Energy Agency, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from the US (NOAA) and the United Nations.

Economists and non-governmental organisation including Oxfam and Friends of the Earth also contributed.

Creative director and lead designer Ian Roberts says he hopes it can draw on the ingenuity of players to develop previously unthought-of solutions to climate change.

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