Webscape: Making exercise a game

Kate Russell's weekly review of the best apps and websites.

Workout apps are a great way to motivate and track fitness over time and also connect with friends for social encouragement too.

Runkeeper is a free app that records your activity across lots of sporting disciplines.

Lots of popular apps link to the free MyFitnessPal diet tracker which is fun and easy to use. You can scan barcodes and add what you consume as you go.

If you are working on weight loss the Withings app links to many popular resources and is a really nice app to use. It has its own range of hardware extras including wi-fi scales.

A decent set of headphones is a must for fitness fanatics. Denon's Bluetooth Exercise Freak headphones are wirefree, meaning there are no tangled cables and they also have their own smartphone app for logging workouts and nutrition.

Aftershokz headphones use bone conduction to deliver sound which leaves your ears open to alert you to hazards - a really important safety feature when exercising in urban areas.

When it comes to incentives most fitness apps offer badges, cups and squeaky screen pets to help motivate you. Other apps like Zombies Run, turn exercise into a game and play out an on-going drama in between tracks from your favourite playlist.

If you are not up to running, just walking a bit more can have a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

Ingress is an early game for Android that sets the world around you up as the playing space for a huge multiplayer game similar to capture the flag.

Now you have your fitness under control, it is time to take your Twitter account in hand. Tame.it lets you see at a glance the top hashtags, users and links in your timeline so you never miss anything important.

One of the most annoying things about trying to quit a service is searching around for the right page to delete your account. JustDelete.me is gathering the most deeply hidden and impossible to find exit pages to make it a lot easier for you to un-apply.

Yahoo mail has undergone a major facelift this week, most noticeably introducing rich themes inspired by 24 different Flickr photographs. Yahoo is also upping storage to 1TB and making premium features like POP access and mail forwarding free to all users. An ad-free client is available for $50 (£30) a year.

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