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Robots explore Tate Britain's artwork after dark

Nocturnal robots are set to tour the halls of London's Tate Britain Museum, as part of a unique project aimed at allowing art lovers to explore the building after hours.

On Wednesday when the gallery's door close - four remote controlled bots will be set free to roam through 500 years of art.

Each machine will live-stream its footage to the Tate's "After Dark" website, where viewers will be able to take turns to control the robots' movements.

If they manage to manoeuvre to a work of art, a team of live art experts will be on hand to provide live commentary.

The project is the result of the £70,000 IK Prize; a competition to encourage innovative digital uses of the museum.

Other shortlisted ideas were to make virtual versions of works of art in block-building game Minecraft, and to broadcast the stories behind art works over social networks.

The developers claim the robots can broadcast what they see in near real time. But if you want to see the works of art in full definition, you'll have to visit the old fashioned way.

Lara Lewington reports.

Find out how the robots were made in this weekend's Click. If you are in the UK you can watch the whole programme on BBC iPlayer.