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Can a 'smart' bed help your child sleep better?

The technology world's current obsession with activity tracking is not confined simply to daytime - it is also increasingly becoming part of our nocturnal routine too.

While most of the innovation has centred around wrist-worn fitness devices in bed, there are now attempts to incorporate them more directly into our beds themselves.

Standalone devices like the $149 (approximately £100) Beddit consist of a length of sensor-laden tape under the mattress which then communicates results via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

And bed makers themselves believe there is a new revenue stream to be made from making beds ultra-connected.

The BBC's North America Technology Correspondent Richard Taylor lay down with Russ Dawson from American bedmaker Sleep Number - whose latest product claims to monitor the sleep patterns of children through its app-connected bed.

  • 19 Feb 2015
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