Mini's X-ray vision glasses
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Mini launches prototype of glasses that give 'X-ray vision'

Car manufacturer Mini has shown off a pair of augmented reality glasses which give drivers 'x-ray vision'.

They display images from cameras mounted on the exterior to reveal objects which would otherwise be obstructed from view.

The goggles also receive information such as in-car route guidance, which the company says helps keep a driver's gaze fixed on the road.

The technologies used are similar to those found in a smartphone, like processing and motion tracking sensors.

But how much do they really enhance the driving experience? The BBC's North America technology correspondent Richard Taylor had a virtual test drive wearing the new specs.

He also spoke to Jay Wright, vice-president of Vuforia, the mobile computer vision platform at Qualcomm, which is behind the visual technology.

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  • 06 May 2015
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