Charity cards 'make a difference'

When you buy a charity Christmas card you may think that a decent proportion will reach the charity. But the Charities Advisory Trust in its 9th annual Scrooge awards shows that in a number of instances that is not the case.

Every year, the trust surveys the high street to compare how much is being given to charity and awards the Scrooge award to the stingiest retailer.

Cards Galore, was bottom of the pile, donating just 4.2% of the cover price to the British Heart Foundation.

High street giants, Debenhams and Marks and Spencer, are the more generous retailers - both donate 20% of the price to various charities including the NSPCC and Shelter.

Dame Hilary Blume is the Director of the Charities Advisory Trust and urged people to check what percentage goes to the charity.

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