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'Lap dancing boosts my confidence'

An official Welsh government website gave business tips on how to make £48,000 as a stripper, how to run an escort agency, lap dancing club or an erotic boutique.

The Business Wales website was launched to help young people get into work and listed suggestions of becoming an escort.

It was taken down after critics complained it was degrading. An investigation has been launched into why advice was offered on the site.

Louise, a lap dancer in Wales, doesn't feel her job is degrading.

She said: "When I first did my audition it was terrifying, but once I'd done it, it was the best adrenaline feeling."

"I probably did have stereotypical view of the girls who worked here, and you know, there's women who work here who have other jobs. They're nurses, they're paying their way through college."

"Its 100 per cent my choice, I chose to do this myself, and if I didn't enjoy I'd decide to do something myself," she added.

Heather Harvey, research and development manager at Eaves which works on all forms of violence against women, does not agree with 'making light' of jobs in the sex industry.

She explained: "We have to make our policies and our practices and legislation to actually meet peoples lives. It's not for people who are in the best case scenario, and I think what people need to realise is the reason they have taken this advert down when it was identified and taken out, is because it's against government policy to promote the sex industry and to promote prostitution."

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Friday 28 June 2013.

  • 28 Jun 2013