Abused wife facing destitution after husband burned home

A mother-of-six from Merseyside, who was left homeless after her abusive husband burned her house down, has been refused an insurance pay out for the damage.

June Churchill, a 52-year-old florist, was effectively imprisoned and tortured with an axe for three days by her husband, David, who pleaded guilty to the abuse and is awaiting sentencing.

But when her son-in-law Jon Barrie put in an insurance claim for her burned house, he was told the policy terms had been breached by Mr Churchill's act of arson.

In a statement, Esure said they had "utmost sympathy for the horrific incident" and gave a goodwill payment of £5,000.

They added that insurance was there to cover "unexpected events and accidents, not deliberate and unlawful acts by individuals destroying their property".

This clip is originally from BBC Radio 5 live Daily on 27 October 2014.

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