Brexit ‘racism’ victim: ‘I was told to get out of my country’

A British Muslim woman has told BBC Radio 5 live about how she was racially abused – as figures from the charity Stop Hate UK given to 5 live Daily show a four-fold increase in reported incidents since the start of the week.

Esmat Jera, 26, who has lived in Britain all her life, described how she was walking back to her office in East London on Wednesday afternoon, when a man came up to her and told her to “get out of my country”.

She says she’s never faced anything like that before. "It's actually making me quite angry,” she said, “to think that racism has been legitimised and many people feel confident enough to express these opinions and intimidate people.”

She also described how friends of hers have been abused, one with a term of racial abuse, and another with rape.