Ricky Tomlinson claims 'Countdown's’ Richard was a spy

The partner of the late Richard Whiteley has denied claims from actor Ricky Tomlinson that he was a spy.

The Royle Family star has suggested that the legendary Countdown host was involved in an MI5 plot to send him to prison.

In the 1970’s Ricky Tomlinson was a union activist and was sent to prison for intimidation. He's has been fighting to overturn the conviction ever since.

Speaking to 5 live's Emma Barnett, Kathryn Apanowicz who was Whiteley's partner until his death in 2005, said that Richard would have been the worst spy.

"He had an asthma inhaler for heaven's sake, in the 1970's he drove a brown Ford Escort. Richard will be laughing his head off."

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