Workers 'exploited' at UK cosmetics chain Soap and Co.
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Workers 'exploited' at UK cosmetics chain Soap and Co.

Some workers at a cosmetics chain in major London shopping sites, including Westfield, are getting paid as little as £2.05 an hour, a BBC London News/BBC Newsnight investigation has found. The month-long undercover investigation found people were made to sign up as self-employed when legally they should have been classified as employees. Soap and Co. said it was "extremely concerned" about the allegations. It said it planned to review the employment status of workers. Westfield said it was "concerned" about the findings of the BBC investigation, but said it "does not comment on specific allegations relating to individual retailers". It said: "Retailers in our centres directly manage their employees, independently of Westfield." Guy Lynn reports.

The Soap Co. has asked us to point out that it has no connection to the company Soap and Co. which features in this report

  • 12 Jul 2017