'We saved these dogs from being eaten'
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South Korea dog meat: The dogs saved from being eaten

The eating of dog meat is largely seasonal in South Korea. It reaches its height in the summer months. During the three hottest days in July and August, it is traditional for a peppery dog meat soup called "bosintang" to be prepared.

But popularity for dog meat in South Korea has declined in recent years, as pet ownership rises and new generations have different attitudes to eating domestic animals.

Humane Society International is a charity that's been working together with dog farmers since 2014 to close their farms and find the farmed dogs new homes. The charity offers a one year start-up grant to the farmers to support them in finding alternative livelihoods, whilst re-homing the dogs across the UK, Canada and the US.

We spoke to people who have offered these dogs new lives in the UK.

By Kevin Kim and Lara Owen for the Victoria Derbyshire Programme.

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  • 26 Jul 2019