Meet the pensions liberation fraud victims

BBC Inside Out investigates a new cold-calling practice involving 'pensions liberation' which is taking place across England.

From April 2015 changes to the pensions system mean that it will be possible for people to take all of their pension early.

The changes mean people over the age of 55 will be able to take a lump sum, but if they take any more than 25%, it will still be taxable in most cases.

Some disreputable pension liberation companies have been targeting people with tempting offers to release pension cash, but often fail to mention the huge tax implications if you are under 55.

Reporter Andy Akinwolere meets John (not his real name) who was offered 50% of his pension before the age of 55, only to find he was faced with a large tax bill.

Inside Out also goes undercover and discovers that four out of nine companies contacted gave misleading advice.

Angie Brooks from the Ark Support Group says that the impact on victims can be devastating.

Inside Out is broadcast on BBC One West Midlands and England on Monday, 15 September at 19:30 BST, and nationwide on the iPlayer seven days thereafter.