The dangers of tanning addiction

BBC Inside Out meets tanning addicts and looks at the potential dangers of overuse of sunbeds by people obsessed with getting a golden tan.

TV reporter Laura May McMullan believes her skin cancer was caused in part by her sunbed obsession. She spent years under sunbeds and sunbathing on holiday.

Then she developed skin cancer and realised her desire to be brown had put her life in danger. She met up with Jess Sterling, a young mother from Stoke-on-Trent, who is also addicted to tanning.

Together they visited Dr Deemesh Oudit at the Christie Hospital in Manchester who treated Laura May McMullan's cancer. He is concerned about the intensive use of sunbeds by tanning addicts.

Gary Lipman, Chairman of The Sunbed Association, said sunbeds should be used sensibly and advised people not to use a sunbed more than 60 times a year, approximately once a week.

Inside Out is broadcast on Monday, 23 February on BBC One West Midlands at 19:30 GMT and nationwide for 30 days thereafter on the iPlayer.