Birmingham's Assya Shabir defies 'butterfly skin' to skydive

Assya Shabir, who was born with what is known as butterfly skin, has achieved an ambition to skydive before her 30th birthday.

Her parents were told she would not survive more than 24 hours because of blisters on her organs and fragile skin tissue caused by the condition, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Even the lightest pressure or friction can cause Miss Shabir's skin to tear, so she protected herself with layers of bandages and thick creams before the dive.

Speaking on her Facebook page, the 29-year-old from Birmingham said her skin was "back to being bad" on her feet, head and shoulders following the jump.

She said she hoped to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Ms Shabir has raised nearly £2,000 for Acorns Children's Hospice and EB charity Debra.

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