Sheep gets head stuck in cone
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Sheep gets head stuck in traffic cone on Hertfordshire farm

A sheep had a traffic cone removed from its head after the RSPCA was called to reports that it was "trapped".

The sheep was seen at the farm in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire on 4 December.

Insp Rachel Smith said she had to sneak up on the ewe so she wasn't scared away.

"I managed to grab the cone and she backed away from me so she popped right out," she said.

The RSPCA said a member of the public called them to say a "sheep was trapped".

"We thought it must be stuck in brambles or something like that, but when our officer arrived she realised its head was trapped - in the cone."

The sheep was absolutely fine, she added - "just a little embarrassed we suspect".

The charity is reminding people to remove such hazards "from areas that farm animals have access to."

  • 09 Dec 2016