The best-before cafe 'at full capacity' in Letchworth

A cafe that sells unwanted and surplus food is running "at full capacity" because of high demand, organisers have said.

The Best Before Cafe, in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, has been serving up to 100 customers each Wednesday for nine months.

Food from 10 local supermarkets and other donors is sold whole or turned into hot meals for people to buy. It includes food past its best-before date and broken chocolate that can no longer be sold in shops.

Organiser Suzy Holding said customers range from those struggling to afford groceries to those simply wanting to help avoid food being sent to landfill.

"We're at full capacity as the only food we can take is what we can get into our cars. We have no storage," she said.

"Customers love it so much they start to queue just after eight and we don't open until 10."