Baby's messy spaghetti video leaves mum 'thrilled'
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Baby Albie's messy spaghetti video leaves Royston mum 'thrilled'

A mum whose baby son became a social media star after he was filmed making the most of his spaghetti dinner has praised people for not judging his genetic condition.

Emma Ayers began filming 12-month-old Albie after he tipped spaghetti over his tummy and started rubbing it in - and the clip has since been watched by millions of people on Facebook.

Albie, who has Down's syndrome, was tube-fed until he was five months old. He was encouraged to play with food as part of his development, but "bathing" in it was "a new one" to the family.

Miss Ayers, from Royston, Hertfordshire, said: "If people can get the same joy out of Albie that we do we're thrilled, but then they didn't have to clear up afterwards.

"Everyone is commenting on what a cute baby he is, nobody has said the words 'Down's syndrome', they haven't judged.

"If one person who is in the same situation as we are can watch this and just see Albie, and not see anything else, then this has been brilliant."

  • 11 Feb 2020
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