Birmingham Airport baggage delay leads to carousel chaos

Birmingham Airport said lengthy baggage delays faced by passengers on Monday evening were a knock-on effect of the city's severe weather.

This footage was shot by passenger George Rimes who flew from Tenerife and landed in Birmingham at 21:10 on Monday. He said he was informed the delays were due to ground crew issues and he did not get his luggage until 03:20 on Tuesday.

Mr Rimes - whose video features a wait by passengers flying in from Fuerteventura - said hundreds of people were affected, with one man filmed climbing aboard a luggage carousel to hunt for bags.

A spokesperson for Birmingham Airport said: "The freezing temperature means that ground staff have been treating aircraft stands, aircraft and pathways with de-icer which may add time to the passenger journey through the airport. We've experienced some operational issues due to the freezing conditions over night which has unfortunately led to baggage delays."