Lego fans build 3D 'map' of Great Fen in Cambridgeshire

Hundreds of Lego fans have spent a week helping to create a giant 3D "map" of a wetland to raise money for a conservation project.

The enthusiasts paid to attend building sessions at Hinchingbrooke Country Park, near Huntingdon, making native fauna and flora for the Great Fen model.

Conserving the Cambridgeshire fen area is a long-term project involving a number of organisations, including the Wildlife Trusts and the Environment Agency.

Spearheaded by Catherine Weightman and husband Mike Addis - two super-keen Lego fans - the Lego landscape was covered in dragonflies, birds, spiders and beetles.

Buildings including a visitor centre were also created.

A Star Wars X-Wing, which although not native to the area, was a "welcome addition".

Hundreds of thousands of the couple's own bricks were used before the entire map was dismantled by about 25 volunteers on Sunday and packed away.

BBC News