Papworth nurse: Coronavirus patients 'quite a lot younger at times'

A nurse treating coronavirus patients in intensive care says those she has cared for are "quite a lot younger at times".

Staff at Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge are treating a number of people infected with coronavirus as hospitals in London and Essex struggle to cope.

Nurse Fiona Bruce says a number of patients are people that "normally wouldn't require the level of support that they're requiring".

"I think the patients are a very different kind of patient. From what I know I think they're quite a lot younger at times," she said.

"It can be quite a challenge because obviously you can't help but see yourself in them if you're quite young as well.

"And you, sort of, can see that they've got their whole life ahead of them."

Royal Papworth Hospital invited the BBC inside the wards to show the impact of the virus on patients and the work of its staff.