'Erotic, maybe a bit sexy, but not pornographic'

A woman who had a boudoir photoshoot before major surgery says social media companies need to listen to people's side of the story before removing content.

Alison Walker, 48, signed up for the photography after finding out she had a gene which made her more likely to develop cancer.

She had her ovaries removed before having a double mastectomy.

Alison, from Derby, said: "It was a chance to embrace that part of my life which I was never going to see again.

"It's erotic, maybe a little bit sexy, but not pornographic."

Kirsty Corbett, co-owner of Be Bold Be You boudoir photography studio, said several of her clients have had images removed from social media for breaching standards.

A Facebook spokesperson said its nudity policies have become more nuanced over time.

Video journalist: Chris Waring

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