Heroes Of Hanoi at The Cellar Bar, Worcester - 13.01.12

I haven't been there for a little while now - and despite me often describing it as the most unlikely venue in the two counties due to its unpromising L-shaped underground location, the Cellar Bar AKA Miss Monroe's, in Foregate Street, has never failed to punch above its weight when it comes to gig quality. Ok, maybe the sound can never be prime studio-quality - but there's always a kicking atmosphere which makes up for any audio shortcomings.

There was a great crowd full of warmth and good cheer when I rolled up for an outfit I haven't seen for a while now. Punksome trio Heroes Of Hanoi are another group who've come along in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. They're increasing rapidly in competence and stage presence, while phasing out their mostly-covers set in favour of an almost completely original set with their own speed-metal numbers like Start Of It All, Dreams and of course their closing eponymous number.

But have to say that I wanted to catch the Heroes as bassist Ben and drummer Pete are also the guitarists with New Chapter - my #1 group of 2011 - and of course New Chapter frontgirl Nicola Hardy was also there - just 'looking after her boys' of course!

Andy O'Hare

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