*****crasher & Silures at Mamma Jammas, Hereford

It was a shame to miss opening act Ripper at Mamma Jammas in Hereford, but I didn't half enjoy the supporting band Silures, from Brecon in Wales, who brought a touch of very metallic funk and hip-hop to this venue - which despite it's L-shaped bar and dodgy acoustics - always seems to generate a really buzzing atmosphere - I like that!

Silures (named after an ancient Celtic tribe) really ticked the boxes for me - and I was tremendously impressed with great rocking numbers like Legion and Death Rattle. Although they're all now from well out of our area, guitarist Ryan Amos was many years ago the bass player with the original lineup of the very local headliners for the night.

They were the band who've been our go-to controversial outfit for many years now - where would we be without *****crasher (we can't even say their full name!). But while our nerves might jangle a little less - on the music and tongue-in-cheek humour front, we'd be a whole lot poorer without Edd, Matt, Ben and Rich's musical offerings. I particularly liked new number Mouthful Of Lips along with their garage-metal rip-snorters like Massive Hassle and Plough. A nice touch to include a couple of covers from some 1950's beat-combo called Tastyhead in the mix.

As you'd expect, there'd already been some noise complaints during the soundcheck before I'd arrived - and as 'crasher like to play very fast and very loud - well no change then! Great fun as always!

Andy O'Hare

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