Blue Radio at the Marr's Bar, Worcester - 27.01.12

I went back to the grandaddy of all the local venues for a Blue Radio Records promotion at the Marr's Bar in Worcester's Pierpoint Street. Plenty of folks were chattering as I rolled up about Howard James Kenny's new outfit Broken Oak Duet - where he teams up with Tom from Che - I'll defo catch them soon.

First for me on the night were the Anya Pulver-led trio Mansize. There's been a couple of personnel changes in the backline since this outfit formed barely a year ago, but they seem to have settled down now with Rob King on bass and Nomad 67's Joe Shellam on drums - who was of course my Geezer Of The Year in 2011 for the number of times he stood in to help other bands out of a fix. I do like the way Mansize are progressing - they're essentially a stoner-grunge outfit with great potential in the coming year - and some tappable numbers already like Great Uncle Christopher and Tightrope.

Visitors for the night were God Damn from Wolverhampton - who strangely haven't yet been picked up by our sister station. I can't understand why as they're a more-than-passable trio of two guitars and drums (no bass) with some grungy driving numbers in their catalogue. Add in that they like to throw a lot of shapes on stage and then leap off into the crowd as often as possible and you've got a recipe for entertainment!

Headliners for the night Das Sexy Clap said 'they were a hard act to follow' - but match and way better them they did. The Chris Wemyss/Katy Birch duo simply have to be the most refreshing 'new' act to emerge last year, even though they've both got plenty of history with other outfits. They've got some cracking numbers to boot like Push It In Break It Off, Rats and Whiteout among their storming repertoire. In fact, the whole set consists of medium hardcore indie-rock numbers - every one of which has a catchy hook somewhere along the line - and that's something that other bands would give their eye-teeth for.

Andy O'Hare

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