Project Trust Fundraiser at The Imperial in Hereford

I sense a good feeling in the air on the Hereford scene at the moment and this gig at The Imperial in Widemarsh Street only confirmed it further for me. This was a charity fundraiser come end-of-exams party slung together by the young scamps from up-and-comers Telescope. This was, of course, a 16+ gig and even though I had my false ID at the ready, there wasn't any problem getting in!

The first band I checked out were local outfit Between The Lines - who play a mellow mix of ska and indie with an occasional burst of good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll thrown into the mix. This was the first time I've seen this pretty-together outfit and they're a pretty good example of the new batch of 'Ford outfits emerging in the last year or so - good news! The only thing is - I'm pretty sure there was another band with the same name from the Kidderminster area (I think) about 4-5 years ago - always worth Googling your proposed band's name first folks.

A musical outfit like no other, though, is probably as good a description of George Barnett and The Jungle. I first saw this lot when they recorded a session for us at Snodfest last year and like many others I was gobsmacked that such a young outfit had hit the ground running so fast. Already they've got a rip-roaring set of ska-rocking numbers that's tight and professional - in fact the only criticism I heard came from themselves - they thought they'd made a crowd circuit with tabla and cowbell a little too early in the set - 'how do we top that?' Absolutely no problem - just play more of the same!

It was a shame I had to leave to catch the last train back - so I was a bit miffed to miss headliners and organisers Telescope's set - but credit to them and the rest of the bands and organisers for putting together a cracking gig.

Andy O'Hare

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