Tap Live at the Brewery Tap, Worcester - 23.02.12

Well, amazingly I actually managed to arrive at the Brewery Tap in Worcester for the very first Thursday Tap Live promotion hosted by the Clarquitt team of Jay and Sarah. Guest promoter for the night was Malvern legend Andy Mapp who'd picked a few of his favourites.

Captains Of Industry is esssentially a vehicle for the hard rock side of Malvern stalwart Si Anthony - who's appeared in outfits like Fellfield, Ancient Addicts, This Wicked Tongue, Mansize and many others over the last few years. But what he's been looking for is an outlet for his own well-crafted numbers like Time & Space, No Kidding and Drama Script - and for this he's recruited the rock-solid backing of James 'Jimbo' Allin and Dan Goodfellow to provide the foundations. Si really is one of our regions finest song-writers and I'm hoping that Captains Of Industry finally provides a bit of a focus for Si's own material after years of greatly assisting other bands and artists - everyone needs a bit of me-time now and again!

He's gone from chorister to folk to semi-acoustic to hard metal in the space of a year or so - but Ledbury's Mike Knowles current repertoire of tastelessly brilliant numbers about just about any taboo subject you can think about (and some that you might not have known to exist) are certainly finding a whole lot of favour with the more-broadminded audiences out there. Mike combines an energetic set of cracklingly off-beat numbers with a trail of witty and pretty much x-rated banter in between - closing off with a version of American Pie in the style of Cletus The Slack-jawed Yokel - bookings available for children's parties - well perhaps not.

A decent enough audience for this inaugural Thursday night live - but maybe not quite the packed crowd that I was really expecting for the storming closing outfit. I'm talking of course about the wonderfully off-beat Slack Granny featuring local hero Paul 'Toad' Seabright on vocals - who has been at the heart of the Hereford and Worcester scene for what seems like decades now - and of course was the frontman of the legendary Sons Of Spock. A cracking set of hard rocking numbers like Boskage and Slipperman - with mostly suggestive or risque content without being totally over the top - all delivered with that characteristic Toad humour. Great support, also, from band members Rock Adonis on guitar, Mad Maddy Madman on bass and Heironymus Mosh on drums - though these may not be their real names! Knighthoods soon in the pipeline I expect.

Andy O'Hare

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