Noel Gallagher's Official Party at The Ballroom

I didn't really expect him to pay a call, but credit to two of our local bands for securing a spot at the Noel Gallagher-branded Official End Of Tour Party at the Ballroom in Birmingham - and well done to both for bringing a whole bunch of travelling supporters for a grand day out.

Kicking off the evening were the amazing This Wicked Tongue with the awesome Tina V up front. Now this outfit seem to be so much in evolution, at the moment, with new numbers in every set - like Discontent and Your Hands Your Heart. So brilliant that Tina put into practice of the tips she picked up from Tom Robinson at the BBC Introducing Masterclass - how about teaching the audience a couple of lines and getting them to sing along with you - on their kicking number 22 in this case - nice!

But what's for sure is that This Wicked Tongue are doing everything right on the self-promotion front and tonight's effortless performance is only one of many they've got lined up over the next few months - easily one of our picks for global success in 2012.

I was impressed with The Concept - a pleasant bunch of melodic Brummy rockers with a solid bunch of hummable numbers to boot - not your usual West Midlands metal fare I reckon so they might just get a more response if they tried playing a few gigs in our fair area - we'll see!

Of course, as the evening rolled on, it obviously got a bit more Oasissy - and naturally the Oasisissiest act from our region is The Modern. I'm glad to say that this was a set of complete originals compared with the almost 50% tribute act I've seen before from these guys - and there's some numbers of absolute quality like Love Is Blind and Much Love - but just delivered in such a deadpan fashion. Yes, music's a serious matter - but it really wouldn't harm maybe to lighten up a little.

The last act before I high-tailed it down the M5 was Scenic Life from the Stevenage/Luton area - who could well have a future in front of them - but only if their frontman ditches his well-studied effort to appear on stage as Liam Gallagher playing his bro's guitar. This really doesn't work on so many levels and was for the most part completely excruciating to watch . Ditch this charade and they've got perfectly adequate originals without having to hang onto the coattails of an act now coming up to their twenty-fifth anniversary - which is probably before these kids were born.

Andy O'Hare

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