The Crown Inn, St John's, Worcester - 03.03.12

One of my favourite visiting outfits to this region has to be the amazing Jets To Zurich - the Aberdare outfit have struck up some great friendship with local bands on their travels - but sadly only a cut-down version of them tonight in the form of frontmen Dale and James - but this was enough for a sparkling opening set of cracklingly off-beat ditties like Downward Spiral and Save It For The Day off their excellent Pyramids EP.

It was great to catch a long overdue set from Malvern maestros Tallulah Fix - this evening trying out new opening number Medusa Seducer before launching into the more traditional Don't Look Down screamer. A great story behind of life in the 'Vern behind Blood And Butter but I was mightily taken with new number Things We Lost In The Fire. However, I'm pretty sure that guitarist Scotty just about exhausted all the reverb available in that pedal of his - but he assured me that he'd be up the Tank Quarry first thing next morning to recharge it.

The Crown is quite a compact little venue - and I was genuinely concerned about its ability to cope with just about the largest personality doing the rounds - I'm talking of course about Kit Kincade, the amazing frontman of the stratospheric-heading Ronin - for whom a massive stage absolutely has to be the order of the day come the summer festival season!

This was the night they launched their new single Living In The Dark - and but I do get the feeling that hometown appearances are going to be at a premium very soon for these geezers - 'cos they're just too good - and we like that!

Andy O'Hare

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