Metal at the Marr's Bar in Worcester - 08.03.12

Another two gigs in one night in Worcester - though I reckon that if I'd mastered time-travel, I would have gone to all five that were taking place across the city that night - promoters help me and the rest of the gig-going community out here please!

The first stop of the evening was the Marr's Bar in Pierpoint Street for a night of metal mayhem. I wasn't too sure of the full line-up but was dead chuffed that as I rolled up, the incredible Massive Head Trauma - fronted by the semi-legendary Reverend Genghis Memphis - had just hit the stage. This is only the second time I've seen this new outfit - I caught their debut gig a couple of months ago at the now-defunct Room 13 and I rated it as the best I've ever seen! No change in my opinion, tonight, either - besides being a band of quality metallers, they've got the most amazing frontman in the good Reverend - who'll usually introduce numbers like Tempest Fugit and Sky High Street as being the product of 'voices in his head' or '...and here's something else that really makes my blood boil'. Once again, they're probably a 'parental advisory' type of outfit - but if you're of a broad-minded disposition - Massive Head Trauma are great fun as well.

This night was the launch of Worcester metallers Fury's new 'Burn The Earth' CD. This Worcester fourpiece describe themselves as thrash-metal, but I'm not too sure about that as the quality they show in numbers like Eyes Of The Dead and Faith That Would Kill is a few marks above the norm for that genre. I'd go more for speed-metal with a proggy overtone maybe - but what's for sure is that they're ticking all the right boxes with 34000 likes on Facebook and a string of festivals already lined up for the summer. Maybe 'brooding menace' isn't their strongest point - but they're a fine bunch of musos, and pretty much the local metal scene's finest.

Andy O'Hare

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