A Poetic Yesterday & This Wicked Tongue at The Firefly

There was more hardcore rock at my second port of call of the night as I checked in for last orders at The Firefly in Worcester's Lowesmoor. Now, although I've only caught them a couple of times over the years, the Redditch punky grungsters A Poetic Yesterday have been around for quite a few years now - with some rip-roaring numbers like Skelatella and Takedown in their repertoire - plus they've also supplied some music for film soundtracks - whatever gets your name out there is always a good thing! What's really good, too, is that these guys are playing somewhere different around the country at least twice a week - and that is really the way of increasing your chances of getting noticed.

And another local outfit who are also doing exactly that are the Tina V-fronted This Wicked Tongue. Now, I used the phrase 'hardcore rock' to describe this gig and in my view This Wicked Tongue have definitely got more heavy and rocky over the last six months or so - and I reckon that's widened their audience appeal. But they're also one of the hardest-working outfits - working full-time both on-and-off-stage at gigging, recording, writing, networking and promoting like there's no tomorrow - and there's really no substitute for that - if you want to be professional musicians, you've got to have a professional attitude.

Andy O'Hare

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