Babajack at The Coach House Theatre, Malvern - 10.03.12

I reckon it must be at least 20 years since I've been to a gig at what we used to call the Winter Gardens in Malvern, It's now, of course, a complex called Malvern Theatres with a host of venues for just about every arts-related activity going.

Last Saturday was another two-gigs-in-one-night spree for your busy reviewer - and after surviving the yomp up the hill from the station, my first port of call was the Coach House Theatre for the official release gig of Babajack's new album Rooster.

Now I've got to say that of all the bands from our fair area - I don't reckon anyone is doing things better than these guys. They've got a completely unique sound that ticks all the boxes with the folk and blues communities (with a nod towards jazz thrown in) and their tireless gigging and well-aimed promotion has secured them a hatful of awards and a busy festival schedule come the summer.

This was the first time I've been to the Coach House Theatre - which has to be the smallest of the three main venues on this site - and I think 'intimate' was a fair description of the evening. Babajack have a lot of numbers that do get audiences jiggling about and a bigger space was surely in order. However, this was a thoroughly pleasant evening - topped off with a pint of Rooster Ale as well - that hit the spot!

Andy O'Hare

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