Tres Primos and Old Hollow at The Great Malvern Hotel

The second stop of the night was at The Great Malvern Hotel - which seems to be hosting live music about eight nights per week at the moment - which bodes well for the first-ever Malvern Rocks festival this summer.

As you'd expect though - if it's Malvern then 'Mr Malvern' himself won't be too far away - so there was a double appearance again from the maestro himself Tyler Massey - firstly in the form of guitar duo Tres Primos with Catherine Crosswell (who also stars in the incredible a capella Four Tart Harmony). Now this was something a bit different from Tyler tonight as it's the first time I've ever seen him in 'classical' guitar mode - but as it's a Tyler project expect the unexpected as they specialise in South and Central American guitar music - and very pleasant it was!

More mainstream Tyler next up with his new outfit Old Hollow - who were un-named when I caught them a couple of weeks ago at the West Malvern Social Club. This trio comprises Tyler and Colin of The Pull fronted up by Canadian ex-pat Nick Willcocks on guitar and vocals - and I'll nail my (Maple Leaf) flag to the post on this outfit by describing them as Canadiana! Like Tres Primos, they've yet to lay any tracks down (I'm really looking forward to standout number The Real Thing by the way) but both these new outfits, and the generally totally buzzing atmosphere in Malvern at the moment, just have to make it the happeningest place in the two counties.

Andy O'Hare

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