Tap Live at the Brewery Tap, Worcester - 29.03.12

I was still slightly jet-lagged from losing an hour's kip last weekend - but a complete pleasure to pay a slightly-overdue return to one of the sparkliest regular local music promotions at the moment. I'm talking, of course, about the Thursday Night Live at the oh-so-eclectic Brewery Tap in Worcester's Lowesmoor - which apparently we must now refer to as the St Martin's quarter after the opening of a superstore (don't worry - I won't be doing that).

Kicking off were the sparkling trio Done By Sunrise. I've got nothing but praise for this bunch of indie hip-hoppers for whom having fun on stage and getting the audience on their side seem like second nature (they've got an agenda). They've got great numbers and an amazing medley of 40 different songs shoehorned into their closing number - what's not to like?

He's a regular at most of the open mics around the two counties - but I reckon the ex-Jimmy Nylon frontman Conner Maher really does deserve just that little bit more recognition than being the go-to guy when you need a sizzling solo performer to occupy that last support slot. Luckily he's just about finished recording and mastering his new album - with great ditties like Being Five and The KFC Song - and be assured we will be bringing it to you first of all.

By luck I bumped into Shane 'Jasper' Husbands as he'd just got off the train from Derby yesterday afternoon - he pretty well splits his time nowadays between touring around the country following his recent signing - which really is the way forward for all you bands out there - play as many gigs in as many places round the country as you can. But of course, don't forget your roots, tour like there's no tomorrow but slip in a homecoming gig every two or three months and everyone will be happy.

Some great ditties from Jasper In The Company Of Others tonight like Man Who Cares, Brought You Down and the massive Say It's Greener from this folk-rocking outfit whose signature is the awesome use of ukulelist Jack who fills the top-end sound to awesome effect.

Andy O'Hare

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