Tap Live at the Brewery Tap, Worcester - 05.04.12

It's always a pleasure to see a new band from 'first light' and without doubt the act that I'm keeping a most notice on are the Worcester metallers Massive Head Trauma, fronted up by the incredible Gary Lewis AKA the rock poet The Reverend Genghis Memphis. This isn't just another bunch of heavy-ish rock 'n' rollers - but a total and complete rewriting of performance art.

I caught them at the Brewery Tap's live Thursday session in - yes you guessed it - Worcester's Lowesmoor, next door to the Firefly and opposite the road to the Pig 'n' Drum.

Massive Head Trauma are a complete rock outfit with riffs-a-plenty in numbers like Arclight and Snowblind. They are a superb sound and visual experience with the tightest musicians going backing-up the good Reverend G - who certainly had a Easter Message or two to deliver to the sinners among us, but please beware that most of their set is pretty much X-rated.

Massive Head Trauma (I'm still not sure about the name) are yet to record (it's happening soon I understand), but they're without doubt one of the most outstanding live acts I've ever seen - and if success comes very quickly then I won't be a little bit surprised.

Andy O'Hare

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