Metal night at Mamma Jammas in Hereford - 09.04.12

It was a real pleasure to get over to Hereford once again and was a treat to catch two bands returning back home from a tour all around the country.

Earlier support had been from Weathered Hands and Meatpacker - but I arrived just as the enigmatic P**** Crasher took to the stage - and immediately launched into their epic bunch of crowd-pleasers like Massive Hassle and How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Plough. There's probably no other outfit going that takes the mick out of themselves as much as these Hereford originals - as in new number Chances Are You Won't Like This - but you know what - they're a damn fine bunch of musicians - whatever they say themselves! Nice bit of nostalgia was thrown in, too, with a 'cover' of the 'old' Tastyhead number Surgery thrown into the mix.

They've been going for a while now - and Fetus C**** are pretty highly rated in the Borders metal stakes. This was the first time I've managed to catch a full set by this very metal trio of vocals, guitar and drums from Eardisley. Like a couple of other outfits going, their set consists of a seemingly infinite number of 30 second-or-so thrashes - with enigmatic titles like Bad Pills, Bulletproof Tiger, Itchy Skin and Napalm Worship - and those are the just the ones that I can mention.

This was very enjoyable stuff - but I can't help feel that both outfits tonight could do themselves a really big favour with a change or little modification of their band name. We can always play a radio edit of a song, but if you're of a broad-minded disposition you can always trot along to a gig and get the full-on version there.

It's maybe alright for bands which are already established and have a lot of backing behind them - but when the band-name itself starts closing doors when you're just starting out it's probably a good idea to maybe compromise a little.

Andy O'Hare

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