Tap Live at the Brewery Tap, Worcester - 12.04.12

This was a very pleasurable gig at the up-and-coming Thursday Live Event at the oh-so-eclectic Bewery Tap in Worcester's Lowesmoor - and tonight was a Three Divas special kicking off with a first-ever solo set from Sally Haines, who's got a pretty amazing track history with cover outfits like The Sunshine Band, Cissybus and The Sharks - playing variously blues, gospel and soul - as well as fronting up her own outfit playing jazz and R'n'B originals like Wake Up, The Journey Song and Don't Let It Get You Down. I've seen Sally a couple of times before at open mic nights but this was the first full set I've caught from her solo - and like the rest of the Tap crowd - I was well impressed!

Another first-ever set to follow from Lee 'Libertine' Smith with accompaniment from guitarist Jordy Willis. Now this was just a set of covers - but she's working at writing some of her own numbers - and this duo work and sound pretty well together - definitely an act to watch out for.

The headliner, tonight, was the enigmatic Natasha Kuiper - performing a solo set of mostly covers like Mrs Brightside and I Love Sausage Rolls - but Tash has also got plenty of originals like Replenisher and Wednesday under her belt that badly need recording soon. She's also of course the lead guitarist with highly-rated Birmingham-based R'n'B outfit Diva ft Sykes - and is without doubt one of the most talented individuals going - expect big things from this girl very soon indeed.

Andy O'Hare

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