Tap Live at the Brewery Tap, Worcester - 31.05.12

Once again my final call of this week's gig-going shindigs was within twenty yards or so of where I've spent the rest of the week. I don't know whether it's good or bad that all the best gigs at the moment seem to be happening in the Lowesmoor area of Worcester - but I ain't complaining!

A total treat to check in on the latest Malvern invasion of Worcester - kicking off with my first-ever sample of the sublime Dogs Of Santorini. I've been kicking myself every time I've missed this incredible punk-metal trio and tonight I finally realised why! They're an outfit of total rock 'n' roll quality with an amazing pedigree in bands like Strange Machine, The Tights and Funky Junky Monkeys (among many others) and it shows.

Now we featured Ancient Addicts 18 months or-so ago in an acoustic session at our Hereford studio. Well, the name is the same and the frontman is still Blue Radio original Si Anthony - who's also guested with outfits like This Wicked Tongue and Fellfield - but the 2012 Ancient Addicts are a very different breed indeed. They've previously gone under the moniker of Captains Of Industry but swiftly realised that there were about 200,000 bands with that name! What we've got here is a powerful grunge-rock trio in the Nirvana/Queens Of The Stone Age mould with one of the strongest singer/songwriters in the two counties at the helm. An awesome outfit that could really go far - and their first album (engineered by #1 soundman Dave Draper) will be out really soon.

Andy O'Hare

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