Jamie Thyer's Worried Men at the Black Lion in Hereford

He was undoubtedly the star of our recent BBC Introducing recording session at the Royal National College in Hereford when he supplied the guitar licks to Verden Allen's Soft Ground - and of course especially their own rendition of All The Young Dudes - I've been wanting to hear this for years.

Jamie Thyer's been a established figure on the UK scene for over 30 years - playing gigs and festivals with the likes of Robert Cray, Peter Green, Jefferson Starship, Johnny Winter, Chicken Shack and many others. I was so chuffed to catch him playing a set with his own outfit The Worried Men at the Black Lion in Hereford.

I think it's pretty fair to say that Jamie's one of those rock guitarists with a completely unique style - completely manic yet totally controlled - very much like Wilko Johnson (who they supported at the Huntingdon Hall a year or so ago!). He alternates between an SG and a Flying-V - sometimes changing seamlessly halfway through a song - and has that rapport with his band and with the audience that's the product of playing over 3000 gigs at just about every venue in the entire country!

I only had time to catch the first (covers) half of The Worried Men's set which included gems like Roadhouse Blues and I Can Tell - that you'll never hear anyone else touch with a bargepole - but the highlight had to be a Peter Gun/Sabre Dance mix with some Hawkwind and Gustav Holst thrown in for good measure.

Jamie's based himself in the Bath/Bristol area - but the Worried Men are regulars round these parts - if you get the chance to catch them - grab it - 'cos you're in for a treat!

Andy O'Hare

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