Heroes Of Hanoi at The Cellar Bar in Worcester

I simply had to pop down to what I've termed as both the worst and the best music venue going. I'm talking, of course, about the L-shaped Cellar Bar in Worcester's Foregate Street - which really should be a complete non-starter as a venue for gigs - but I've never seen a bad one there ever!

And the same story again - as punksome mod-rockers Heroes Of Hanoi took charge of the place for the evening, with a two-part set of their Oasissy originals and unexpected covers like Pinball Wizard thrown into the mix. As usual there was a great crowd at this venue - and the mechanics of manoeuvring yourself around the corner to get a gander at the band just seem to add to the fun!

Heroes Of Hanoi have just released their third album (a copy please lads!) and have been a steady fixture on the Worcester music scene for a little while now - and I just feel that they need to perhaps make that little extra push - but drummer Pete and bassist Ben are also two-thirds of the driving force behind my 2011 #1 act New Chapter.

Now sadly I can't bring you up-to-date of what's happening on the New Chapter front as they've renamed the band to something that's pretty much unbroadcastable. It's hard enough for new bands to make a breakthrough - but putting up a barrier that didn't exist before to prospective listeners really isn't the way forward. By all means if you're choosing a band name - don't go for something like Forgotten Sleep for example (possibly the worst band-name in history from one of my favourite acts of all-time) but maybe something with just that bit of edge that might make people take notice - but I'm afraid blatantly offensive is always a complete no-no.

Andy O'Hare

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