Kyle Yule murderer seen in drill music video

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A convicted murderer who killed a 17-year-old boy found dying in a friend's front garden has been seen in drill music videos, BBC South East has discovered.

Kyle Yule died from five stab wounds after being chased from a car as rival gangs clashed in Gillingham in October.

Victor Maibvisira, 19, Jordan Dania, 16, Shezakia Daley, 17, Ephrain Akinwunmi-Streets, 17, and Tyler Ralph, 17, were found guilty of murder on Friday. All have been given life sentences.

After their conviction, people who knew them in Gillingham told the BBC drill music videos showing three defendants, including Maibvisira, had been uploaded to YouTube.

The BBC understands the videos were uploaded in February and April while the five were awaiting trial.

Police and lawyers involved in the case have not yet commented.