TikTok make-up influencer: ‘I feel like an outsider’

Ruben is a successful make-up influencer on TikTok.

The 15-year-old’s videos have been liked more than a million times and yet he sometimes feels like "an outsider" in the make-up world.

He says budget brands, particularly ones sold on the High Street and in supermarkets, are not producing enough foundation shades for people of colour.

Ruben, from Leicestershire, says it means he has to spend more money buying multiple shades to mix because he can’t find his perfect match.

“In a sense you can feel discriminated against,” he said.

“I don’t feel included and neither do people of colour.”

Ruben, whose story has helped him to reach the final of the BBC Young Reporter competition, added that he wants to “help brands solve this issue”.

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