'Homeless man kicked' video investigated by police

A video showing an apparently homeless man being violently assaulted is being investigated by police after the clip was shared thousands of times online.

It shows a group standing around the man, before a hooded figure kicks him, sending him crashing to the ground and causing his possessions to scatter.

Several people can be heard shouting and laughing in the background of the short clip.

A number of internet users have reacted with outrage to the clip, branding it "sickening".

Petra Salva, director of rough sleeping services, at the homeless charity St Mungo's said: "When we talk about rough sleeping being harmful and dangerous, we're not talking about the physical health side of it and damage from outdoors...but it's dangerous for this very reason and the events you can expose yourself to.

"That's why many rough sleepers report fear they fear for themselves.

"We have witnessed horrific things happen to people in terms of being kicked by people being drunk or set fire to. It beggars belief that people would do this to someone who is vulnerable."

The Metropolitan Police said it believed the incident happened near the Stratford Centre in east London.

It said it was not known when the incident had taken place, although the video was uploaded overnight, and the force would be carrying out enquiries at the location.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the force.