Mother and son kept apart by the pandemic

Karen Mitchell hasn’t seen her son Rob in almost a year due to the pandemic as he’s been working as a junior doctor on the NHS front line in London. She's tried to maintain a positive attitude throughout.

“I just think of all those people that haven't seen their loved ones, that are working in the throes of it all and I just think, what am I worrying about?”, Karen said.

While many of Rob’s colleagues have been able to go home to their families at the end of the day, he’s currently living 50 miles (80km) from the family home in Whitehill, Hampshire.

Lockdown may have kept them apart, but their family bond is stronger than ever and they’re both looking forward to a family reunion once it’s safe to have one. “We’ll probably do what we do best, go out for a coffee, have a little something to eat, bit of a gossip. It'd be brilliant.”, said Rob.

Video Journalist: Paul Murphy-Kasp