Daniel Fitzjohn murder: Killer drove car at group of men

CCTV footage has showed the moment a drug dealer drove his car at a group of men in the moments leading up to a murder.

Daniel Quinn, 28, later returned to the scene and stabbed Daniel Fitzjohn, in Northampton in June.

The pair, from Wolverhampton, were in Northampton because cocaine dealer Quinn sold drugs in the town.

Mr Fitzjohn, 34, had never met him but a man he was with had bought drugs from him, the court was told.

His friends were involved in an "altercation" with Quinn at Fairfield News in Kingsley at about 21:25 BST, in which the murder victim intervened and punched Quinn to the ground.

At Northampton Crown Court, Quinn was convicted of murder and jailed for life with a minimum of 27 years.

BBC News