'We filmed our dad's final months to help people'

Two brothers who filmed the final two years of their father's life said they hoped to release a documentary in 2021 to show "the truth" about living with cancer.

Marcus and Robin Brooker, from near Sudbury in Suffolk, started recording their father John's battle with the disease in 2018, after he stopped receiving chemotherapy because it was making him feel too ill.

The former nursing manager was diagnosed in 2004 and told he could expect to live for two more years, and died at his home in May 2020, aged 75.

Marcus Brooker said: "It was all about showing people the truth - the good times and the bad times - and that you can talk about cancer, you can still have a life with a terminal diagnosis."

Video by Stuart Bailey

For more information and support about cancer and bereavement, you can visit the BBC Action Line.