Coronavirus: Frock it, it's Friday group lifting spirits in lockdown

From ladies putting out their bins in a ball gown, to men doing the housework in a dress, Frock it, it's Friday is lifting the spirits of people in South Tyneside.

Started as a "bit of banter" between friends Kate Rae, Carla Gray, Di Wilkinson and Victoria Beattie, their idea to "glam up" every Friday is providing some normality and fun on social media.

Women have been encouraged to ditch their joggers and "glam up" while in lockdown and share their videos and photos online, with men and families of all ages now joining in.

Carla, who is shielding due to health reasons, said: "People have lost their inhibitions and had a real good pick-me-up by joining in. It's something so simple, but it makes a massive difference."