'Geriatric traveller' won't let Parkinson's stop her
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Parkinson's disease: Maura Ward's adventures around the globe

In her 70 years, Maura Ward has travelled to more than 60 countries - and she's continually ticking more off the list.

She says she's always had "itchy feet" and loves "exploring new places and meeting new people".

However in 2014 her desire to travel increased, after she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

"My diagnosis was the catalyst for travelling a lot more," the self-proclaimed "geriatric traveller" explains.

"Places with a hot climate can actually help me feel a lot better.

"Because it's a neurological condition, it affects everyone differently.

"But like most things, you've got to fight it, or you could just lie underneath it."

Video journalist: Tori Watson

  • 12 Jan 2020