Coronavirus: 'I did not want them to be on their own'

Northern Ireland's Health Minister Robin Swann has said allowing families to visit dying relatives presented "too significant a risk" at the moment

Catherine Coulter is a nurse at Antrim Area Hospital where she works in intensive care.

She spoke to BBC News NI's health correspondent Marie-Louise Connolly as she came off shift and said that when families cannot be beside the besides of loved ones - nurses are.

"I held the patient's hand, I did not want them to be on their own.

"And in these challenging times this is especially poignant to make sure I'm at that bedside to make sure that that patient is comfortable and that they are pain free, when they do pass away that it is dignified, that they are not on their own."

She added: "The family had told me to tell the patient that they loved them, ultimately.

"I was just trying to convey to her the support and love she had at home and how much they wished they could have been there."