Bumbleance: The transportation service for sick kids

Bumbleance is an ambulance service which caters specifically for the most critically ill children.

The free service, based in the Republic of Ireland, plans to expand to Northern Ireland in 2020.

The aim of Bumbleance is to distract, comfort and entertain children to and from hospital.

Kalize McGuigan, in Letterkenny, County Donegal, is in palliative care and a frequent user of Bumbleance.

BBC News NI caught up with Kalize and her family using the service.

Without Bumbleance the family would be unable to transport her to and from Dublin Hospital, Kalize's mother Sarah-Louise said.

The ambulances have flat-screen TVs, games consoles, children's books and lights, designed to help take the child's mind off the reason they are going to hospital.

Video Journalist: Mike McBride